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Flore Mongolian Faux Fur Lumbar Pillow by Ebern Designs

in Throw Pillows

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Product Description ::

When you’re craving a little luxury, look to this Flore Mongolian Faux Fur Lumbar Pillow. This pillow has gorgeous, deeply piled fur on top and sumptuous shearling on the back for the ultimate tactile treat. When it comes to decadent décor, this Flore Mongolian Faux Fur Lumbar Pillow is the right touch.

  • Cover Material: Faux fur
  • Fill Material: Polyester/Polyfill
  • Insert Included: Yes
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Product Care: Spot clean

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Throw Pillows Tips::

Decorative Pillows & Throw Pillows Guide

How to use decorative pillows

A throw pillow can be so much more than just an “extra” pillow in your home. It can be what ties your space together , what brings in a soft texture to a space , or what brightens up a dark room. It is amazing how something as simple as a few decorative throw pillows can change the look of furniture or an entire room. The arrangement of throw pillows will vary by your space and the size of your furniture. Whether you want couch pillows or accent pillows for a king sized bed , there are so many different options for arranging pillows to compliment your space.

Couch Pillow Arrangements

Not sure how you want to arrange your new couch pillows? You could always follow the popular uneven number rule , which states that an uneven number of throw pillows on any piece of furniture always looks classy. However , the best part of decorating with throw pillows is that there really isn’t any right or wrong way to arrange them. If you want some inspiration for how to arrange couch pillows , we’ve put together a few looks:

How to arrange couch pillows

Chair Pillow Arrangements

Decorative throw pillows don’t just belong on the couch - they are also the perfect addition to any chairs in your home. Not only can they help make a stiff chair feel plush and comfortable but they can also complete the look you want for your space. Here are a few ways you can use throw pillows for some added decoration to the chairs around your home.

How to arrange chair pillows

Bed Pillow Arrangements

We can all agree that creating a relaxing and comfortable bedroom space is crucial for a stress-free sleeping environment. So once you’ve found the perfect mattress and bed linens , it is time to tackle decor. One of the best ways to put the finishing touches on bedroom decor is to decorate the bed with different pillows. A mix of throw pillows and bed pillows creates a plush and put-together look that will look great during the day and will be cozy to help you sleep at night. Pillow arrangement options vary by bed size , so we’ve put together a few looks that can help you incorporate decorative pillows on any sized bed.

how to arrange bed pillows

Throw Pillow Advice from Experts

Now that you've got some ideas on where to use decorative pillows , you need some tips on pairing textures , patterns , materials , and more. Luckily , we have fun DIY's and pillow decorating tips from interior designers and blogging experts that will help you create a beautiful space.


Meet Cami From TIDBITS

Cami from TIDBITS has a great throw pillow DIY that can bring in texture and warmth to any space! She repurposes old sweaters and turns them into beautiful pillows! We got the chance to talk to Cami about her DIY and also got her take on how to mix and match pillow materials to create a warm space.

Shop Throw Pillows: Are there any sweater types that should be avoided even with the help of the lightweight fusible interfacing?

Cami: Yes. Avoid any sweaters with holes or weaves that would cause you to see inside the pillow , or to the facing. Instead , aim for tight weave knit sweaters , of all varieties.

W: Have you found sweaters of a certain size to work best with this pillow DIY?

C: I shoot for large or extra large sweaters at the thrift stores , so I am certain to have enough fabric to work with , and the ability to avoid any stains or unappealing spots in the sweater. However , if there is a smaller size , and the knit design is irresistible , aim for a smaller pillow!

W: Sweater material is a great way to bring texture into a space , what other fabrics do you recommend mixing and matching to bring in some texture and warm into a space?

C: Linen , linen , and more linen! There is something about the soft and raised weave , the drape , and the natural tones and fibers that make any linen textile feel perfectly warm and cozy. Mix a linen throw or pillow with the DIY sweater pillows , and you feel right at home!


Meet Jann From Newton Custom Interiors

Jann from Newton Custom Interiors has the perfect decorative pillow DIY for anyone who likes switching up pillow covers for holidays or easily changing up their interiors. Her envelope pillow DIY envelope pillow DIY includes step-by-step instructions and an easy to follow instruction video. You can either remake her white and turquoise throw pillow or use another fabric you love! Learn more about Jann’s envelope pillow DIY and how to use bold patterned pillows in your space!

Shop Throw Pillows: Are there any fabrics to avoid using for this DIY?

Jann: Sheer fabrics should be avoided when making an envelope pillow. Most other fabrics will work well. Decorator fabrics are better to use than quilting fabrics because they are usually not as thin as quilting fabrics.

W: Do you have any advice on how to mix and match colors or patterns of decorative pillows and the rest of a room's decor?

J: The pillows should reflect the same colors that are in the room , and they are a great way to add pops of an accent color. When you have several fabric patterns , try to have a mix of large prints and small. Also , mixing organic patterns , such as florals or paisleys , with stripes or plaids usually works best.

W: What is your favorite fabric for everyday , comfortable , yet stylish decorative pillows?

J: My favorite fabric to use for pillows is a good quality decorator cotton or cotton blend fabric.


Meet Linda From Life on Summerhill

Linda from Life on Summerhill offers her advice on how to make a new dorm room feel like home with neutral colors and soft textures. Everyone wants to enjoy their new dorm space while also making it feel like a little escape from the hustle and bustle of a new busy college schedule. Her dorm room styling checklist is a must see so you don’t forget any must have pieces of bedding and decor , especially the comfortable bed pillows and sweater-textured throw pillows! Read Linda’s Q&A to learn more about making your room feel a little bit more comfortable.

Shop Throw Pillows: What size decorative pillows do you think compliment a twin XL bed the best?

Linda: I am a strong believer in layering different sized pillows on any bed , but on an XL I would use a euro sham in the back and layer some pillows going down in size from there.

W: Do you have any tips for storing the decorative pillows when sleeping?

L: The best place to store pillows when sleeping is to lean them against a wall or on a chair , fashionably of course.

W: What material is the best (in your opinion) for decorative pillows in a dorm room?

L: Cotton and linens make nice pillows for university living. Stay away from delicate fabrics like silk unless you are an extremely neat student and you won't spill drinks or food on them. Also , consider purchasing pillow covers with zippers that way you can wash them as needed.


Meet Lacey From Lacey Placey

Ever wonder how those Pinterest or Instagram styled bedrooms are so simple , yet so beautiful? One thing they all tend to have in common is throw pillows! Lacey from Lacey Placey has a styling post on how to arrange pillows on a king sized bed that goes far beyond just where to place pillows. You’ll get a chance to see how she tied in different colors , textures , and fabrics to make a beautiful bed that is super stylish but still very comfortable. Find out more about mixing and matching different materials and colorful throw pillows!

Shop Throw Pillows: How do you go about mixing and matching different decorative pillow patterns and colors?

Lacey: When deciding which patterns to mix for my pillows I try to get three patterns I like. I usually go for a bold (floral , paisley , tropical scene or similar pattern) with a lot of color. This is a great jumping off point! It gives you a lot of different colors to go off of. Then using those colors I'll pick a modern geometric pattern and either a solid or smaller scale stripe. As for how to pick the colors I always tell people to pick colors you love! I think it's the best way to pick colors. It's your home and it should represent you! If you don't have colors you are crazy about and really have no idea where to start you can always look for inspiration around your city , or magazines , and blogs for trends and pick from there.

W: Are there any colors that you have found simply don't go together when decorating with pillows?

L: I think some may disagree with my answer here , but that's okay! I say break all the color rules. If you love them put them together! If you look back through all the years you'll see hideous but once loved color mixing (think the 70s , 80s , and 90s). If you match different patterns like I suggested above you could make almost any color combination work. I've seen random colors mixed together in rooms and look beautiful. The one thing I would warn against is mixing patterns with cream backgrounds with other patterns with stark white backgrounds. Sometimes it looks terrible and sometimes it works okay. Just be cautious of that , make sure you put them next to each other before purchasing , and really think it through.

W: What is your favorite material to mix and match?

L: I could never pick just one material. They are all so yummy! There's faux fur , velvet , vinyl , leather , suede , flannel , cotton , silk , linen , and the list goes on. I absolutely love to mix a couple different textures; it really adds a richness to the room. You could also do one material on one side and a completely different material that matches or coordinates on the other side. I also want to add that it's okay to think outside the box. I love to go into the clothing section of fabric stores. That's where I often find the treasure that nobody else is thinking about. A couple years of ago when gold was huge I used a metallic gold fabric and a gold sequin mesh costume fabric. Everyone went nuts for them. I was making so many for customers and friends! Go have some fun in other sections and see what you can come up with.


Meet Shontal From The Preppy Scientist

Dorm room decor can be as neutral or as colorful as you want , making it so fun to plan and shop for but also a little tricky. What is the right balance with bright colors? Luckily , Shontal from The Preppy Scientist is here to help! Her tips on picking colors that match are simple to follow and will have you decorating in colors you love in no time. You’ll also love Shontal’s realistic dorm room decor style. She will help you decorate a dorm you love on a budget that is student-friendly! Read her Q&A to learn more about using decorative pillows in the dorm space.

Shop Throw Pillows: How do you recommend mixing and matching decorative pillows in a dorm?

Shontal: I suggest starting out by choosing a handful of colors you’d like to incorporate in your space and working from there. Personally , I love mint , pink , and gold! Once you’ve done that – mix and match different shapes , sizes and textures within your color scheme to create a space that flows but isn’t too matchy. Variety will make your dorm room feel super cozy and less dreary!

W: Do you prefer decorative pillows to the more common backrest pillow with arms for dorm beds?

S: I love decorative pillows! Not only are they pretty , they are functional too. A long decorative pillow is a great back support and way nicer to look at than a pillow with arms.

W: What is your favorite way to style your decorative pillows on your bed?

S: I love to mix and match different shapes , sizes , and textures on my bed – the more the merrier! I personally love pillows with fun quotes or sayings on them. They are so fun and a simple way to put your mark on any space!


Meet Bethany From Reality Daydream

Looking for a fun , no-sew decorative pillow DIY? Bethany from Reality Daydream has a Macrame Fringe Tassel Pillow DIY that is drool worthy and super easy to follow. She also finds unique ways to bring textures and patterns together in more ways than just decorative pillows. Not only will you get a chance to follow her DIY , but you’ll find how she also turned her bedroom wall intro a geometric plywood accent wall. Her blog will help you turn your bedroom and other home spaces into a personalized , DIY created oasis! Read more about her take on mixing together textures and patterns in her Q&A!

Shop Throw Pillows: What inspired you to bring in different textures in your space and how did you go about matching them?

Bethany: I love incorporating lots of different 'types' of textures into a room design. Anything from woven baskets , to chunky blankets , to soft fluffy rugs! Using a variety of fringe in neutral colors for these pillows felt right on so many levels!

W: In your DIY , you use a linen pillow case , but do you think there is another material that could also work well with the fringe?

B: The biggest factor to consider here is that we want the fringe to be the star , so keeping the base fabric of the pillow cover a solid color is the most important thing. It could be any material though!

W: Is there a line between too many different materials and textures when decorating with throw pillows?

B: These days , it's very on-trend to have a TON of patterns and textures in textiles... especially throw pillows! Permission to GO CRAZY granted!


Meet Anam From Delicious and DIY

Anam is the DIY blogger behind Delicious and DIY , where she shares her decor , DIY furniture makeovers , and crafts ideas. We love her simple , yet colorful , update to a neutral throw pillow in her Dotted Throw Pillow DIY and think you will too! This easy DIY could be a great craft to do with kids or for a simple rainy day project. Be sure to check out her creative furniture before and after posts! Learn more about her throw pillow DIY and how to decorate with bright colors in your home!

Shop Throw Pillows: Have you found certain decorative pillow materials take better to fabric paint than others?

Anam: I love painting on a cotton fabric since it is easy , takes on the precise color fairly quick and the results are always good. But I really want to dabble into silk fabric painting now , I have been seeing so many DIY silk pillows that I would love to make one for my home décor.

W: Do you find it easier to add color , warmth , or brightness to a space through the use of decorative accessories , like throw pillows , as opposed to larger furniture items?

A: Definitely! If you have a tight budget or just don’t want to spend so much money on home decoration then adding color through throw pillows is the way to go. I , on the other hand , like to have a bit of both. I love adding color through bright DIY furniture pieces , which I paint and create myself , but I also love adding color through decorative pillows like my dotted throw pillow.

W: When mixing and matching colors throughout the home do you have any favorite combinations or combinations you avoid?

A: I love adding color in every space or piece that I work on and my favorite combinations is teal in contrast with dark purple. I also enjoy neutral tones such as greys and whites if done tastefully. Because I am more of a fan of vibrant , colorful spaces , I have to keep in mind moderation and balance since it is easy to overdo it. I recently gave my dining room a complete makeover. I knew my wallpaper was colorful with a really busy pattern , so I made sure all the other furniture/décor pieces in that space were a neutral color like gold or gray , and it worked out perfectly.

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